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ClusterXchange in Finland – 13th – 15th September 2023

CLOTH Project, the European alliance which brings together individuals, companies and clusters working on the transformation of the fashion sector towards sustainability and digital is announcing the launch of a new ClusterXchange event, which will take place in Finland, September 13th-15th, 2023.

Finland is an interesting country when it comes to textile innovation, especially within cellulosic fibers and chemical recycling. Now you have the opportunity to meet some of the leading Finnish companies working with circularity of textiles; from collection of textile waste in Finland, sorting and especially textile recycling.


– Finnish front-runners and initiatives within the textile value-chain

– Circularity within textiles

– Collection and sorting of post-consumer waste

– Recycling technologies (mechanical & chemical)

Company visits will involve Rester in Paimio, a leading expert in mechanical recycling and the entire process behind it, as well as Aalto University, that has developed Ioncell chemical recycling technology as well as having knowledge within circular value chains and design. In addition, there will also be a visit to Finland’s leading technological institute VTT Research Center, expert in materials with a “green” profile and circular business models and Business Finland where you will meet even more innovative Finnish textile companies. And much more!

Preliminary program:

  • The project supports you with 475 euro to cover your expenses related to the trip