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ENTREP FASHION project will promote sustainable practices to migrant women and VET providers

ENTREP FASHION project held its kick-off meeting online on 13th March 2024 with the participation of the project partners – BildungsLAB – Hands&Minds Learning Center Austria, CRADLE Single Member P.C. Greece, Bulgarian Fashion Association and Compass – Beratung, Begleitung und Training Austria.

ENTREP FASHION’s multifaceted approach is aimed at empowering migrant women, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering inclusion and diversity within the fashion industry, aligning with the broader goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The specific objectives of ENTREP FASHION are:
– Empowering migrant women in the fashion industry through an innovative entrepreneurial education program that equips them with essential skills and knowledge in textiles and fashion. This objective aligns with the horizontal priority of Inclusion and Diversity by creating job opportunities for migrant women.
– Improving cross-sectorial collaboration and facilitating knowledge sharing among partner organizations to enhance the effectiveness of entrepreneurial education. This objective aligns with the priority for VET by responding to evolving needs in the fashion industry through work-based learning.
– Developing an innovative Entrepreneurial Education Curriculum in VET that is accessible and sustainable while encouraging the establishment of new businesses owned by migrant women in the fashion and textile sector. This aligns with the VET Priority by supporting VET providers in adapting their training to changing skills demands and economic cycles.
– Promoting cultural integration and diversity within the fashion sector by encouraging the active participation of migrant women. This aligns with the horizontal priority of Inclusion and Diversity.

ENTREP FASHION directs its efforts toward enhancing the entrepreneurial acumen of migrant women in the Fashion and Textile industry. This initiative assumes a pivotal role in promoting inclusion, diversity, and equitable access and opportunities for women of migrant backgrounds, who frequently contend with intersecting cultural, social, economic, and gender-based obstacles that impede their participation in the labor market.

The expected results of ENTREP FASHION are:
– Knowledge and Collaboration: Co-development of knowledge and resources through collaboration between VET and Textile and Fashion professionals. This results in the creation of Reports, Guidelines, Learning Objectives, and Methodologies for developing gender-based programs for migrant women.
– Empowerment: Implementation of an innovative training program in Adult Education, enhancing entrepreneurial skills among migrant women and creating training materials for trainers. This involves collaborations between VET and Textile and Fashion professionals.
– Sustainability: Development of resources, Open Educational Resources (OERs), and methodologies that promote sustainable practices in the Fashion and Textiles industry, including circular economy principles and socially engaged new businesses.
– Awareness: Outreach to the broader VET and Fashion sectors through events and dissemination activities. This contributes to sector transformation, entrepreneurship promotion, and enhanced inclusion of migrant women in the labor market.

The first face2face project meeting will be held in Vienna on 18-19 April.

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