ENTREP FASHION’s multifaceted approach is aimed at empowering migrant women, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering inclusion and diversity within the fashion industry, aligning with the broader goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The specific objectives of ENTREP FASHION are:
– Empowering migrant women in the fashion industry through an innovative entrepreneurial education program that equips them with essential skills and knowledge in textiles and fashion.
– Improving cross-sector collaboration and facilitating knowledge sharing among partner organizations to enhance the effectiveness of entrepreneurial education.
– Developing an innovative Entrepreneurial Education Curriculum in VET that is accessible and sustainable while encouraging the establishment of new businesses owned by migrant women in the fashion and textile sector.
– Promoting cultural integration and diversity within the fashion sector by encouraging the active participation of migrant women.

VERDEinMED will present an analytical framework to study the successful implementation of circular business models, identifying the needs in terms of business model innovation, technological innovation and social innovation, and the enabling conditions of policy and behavioural change.
VERDE project will show the full pallet of a threefold support service addressed to civil society,
industry and policy makers indicating tailor made interventions needed for this transition.
Starting with the reformation the industry to use sustainable practices, orienting the demand towards conscious consumption it will conclude by defining a policy framework to support the transition of the T/C sector towards sustainability and circularity.
The ecosystem thus created, will be sustained through the Verde Bussola, a Green Compass
integrating the creation of regional hubs, knowledge platform and support service into a single entity, bringing together experts and knowledge from different locations in order to prepare the framework for the constitution of knowledge and competence centers as a one stop shop in each region.

The CLOTH project – CLuster Alliance fOr the Transition to green and digital fasHion – aims to boost the interregional cooperation through the creation of a cluster alliance within the Fashion sector that promote the necessary conditions to create a favourable ecosystem of relevant stakeholders, from a cross-sectorial perspective, that lead to a greener, smarter and more competitive and innovative European Fashion sector, creating new alliances, business and investment opportunities for the European SMES.

The CLOTH project will contribute to promote the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of the Fashion sector addressing its environmental and social impacts in coherence with the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan.

To achieve these objectives, the CLOTH project is integrated by a cross-sectorial partnership of 5 partners from 5 European countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark and France) that are working on different value chains: Fashion and Textile, circular economy, creative industry and Digital.

The SUSTAINABLE FASHION ALLIANCE FOR INTERNATIONAL MARKETS (FASCINATE) project ́s aim is to support the internationalization of EU textile and fashion SME clusters that are working towards the development of circularity and sustainability in these industries. Besides the textile and fashion industry, this partnership will also seek a cross-sectoral collaboration with the technology and footwear sectors.

The project aims to build a European clusters & companies network collaboration (the ESCP-4i), related to the development of circularity & sustainability, in the fashion, textile and footwear industries. It will promote new European value chains incorporating cross sectoral cooperation between fashion/textile, footwear & technology, by means of cooperation, exchange of knowledge & good practices among the members of the project consortium. As a result the partners will create a joint internationalization strategy for sustainable fashion brands and companies in Europe, geared towards markets outside of the EU interested in sustainable fashion products (to consolidate shared objectives and define a relevant action plan for the participating clusters and the companies they represented).

Partners of the project are Modacc – Spain, Cluster Digital – Spain, CITEVE – Portugal, Bulgarian Fashion Association – Bulgaria and Lifestyle & Design Cluster – Denmark.